Gezi Park in Istanbul was closed three hours after the opening.

From the information provided by France Press Agency, it became known that law enforcement officers had to resort to the use of tear gas and water bodies in relation to the participants of the action, gathered near the Gezi Park in Istanbul, where large -scale protests of the anti -government nature took place a little earlier.

Last Saturday, law enforcement officers had to resort to the use of tear gas in relation to the protesting crowd, which made an attempt to penetrate the park, plans for the cutting of which were a little earlier to the mass clashes of demonstrators with police officers. On Monday, the city authorities received information regarding the opening of the park, but after three hours, law enforcement officers had to withdraw people from its territory, since the outbreak of new protests was expected. At the end of May of this year, mass protests broke out in Istanbul due to the fact that the city authorities decided to cut down the park zone and construction in the vacant territory of the entertainment complex. Support for protesters expressed a huge number of residents of Turkish provinces, as well as the Turks living in European countries. The protests systematically transformed into a wave of speeches against the policy of Prime Minister Erdogan. Among the victims of these riots were about five people. As for the number of victims, it amounted to about five thousand people. The authorities of Istanbul and Ankara were prohibited from conducting demonstrations in the centers of data from megacities.