The construction of a new school for rebellious Muscovites will accelerate.

Sergei Sobyanin gave a decree to accelerate the construction of a school for students of a closed school No. 370, temporarily transferred to Zelenograd. Most likely he was affected by the fact that the parents of the schoolchildren captured the district administration demanding to return the school to children.

As we have already reported, students and teachers of closed school No. 740 of the city of Moscow refused to transfer to Zelenograd in connection with the closure of their school by decision of the Moscow City Court, which referred to the materials of Rospotrebnadzor. Moreover, they expressed their refusal in a very original way – seizing the building of the district administration and demanding that the lessons be carried out either in a closed school or here. It turns out that modern schoolchildren have problems more serious than where to buy Adena in Lineage 2 or how to beg money from parents for a new video card. It is not yet known how the confrontation will end, but the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, has already intervened in it, ordering the construction of the new school No. 740 as soon as possible, by September 1, 2014. As for the closure of the old school, Leonid Pechatnikov, the head of the Moscow Department of Education, said that she was closed due to the fact that it could no longer work on safety precautions. According to him, he was not going to risk the lives of children, which means that they had to be transferred to the nearest school with free places. Alas, the best option was found only in Zelenograd. Parents of students did not like this fact and they started a protest rally. Perhaps this was influenced by the fact that the election of the mayor at the school was located in the polling station. As for the transportation conditions, the school was provided by a bus, which will carry children and teachers to classes, as well as the traffic police motorcade.