The authorities report that most pedestrian crossings were repaired in Moscow – is it so?

In Moscow, 402 underground and more than a hundred glazed ground -based pedestrian crossings have been put in order and renovated. This was announced at the meeting on the most operational issues of the Moscow City Hall in his speech by the head of the housing and communal services department Andrei Tsybin.

He said that 284 repairmen brigades work daily in Moscow, the total number of which is nearly a thousand people and 179 units of equipment. Thanks to their efforts by this moment, most of the Moscow transitions are put in order.

At the meeting, Tsybin emphasized that for each of the many areas of Moscow, various colors of paint was selected, designed to paint the walls of transitions. To date, 137 thousand are already painted in the transitions. sq. m of various surfaces and lined 3.5 thousand. sq. m.

In addition, about 950 square meters have been shifted in many pedestrian crossings. m of granite cladding, repair work of 2.8 thousand railings were carried out and 72 metal doors were replaced. In addition, specialized ramps were equipped for unhindered movement of wheelchair strollers. Repair work in the remaining transitions continues.

At the same time, the other day on the Rossiya TV channel, a plot was shown in which journalists tried to figure out how well the work was completed in the crossings. It turned out that in many places the repair was made more for the type. Aboveground transitions generally remained in the previous deplorable state. So, now Muscovites create a site for free, on which to specifically upload materials where to indicate where the color is made on an unprotected old surface and falls off before the New Year, where, instead of replacing tiles, gaps are simply filled with solution and other shortcomings?