Perm authorities allocated funds for the repair of roads Perm authorities allocated funds for the overhaul of apartment buildings, restoration of road surfaces and improving the quality of education. Also approved a draft change in the budget of the city.

In Perm, the budget and tax committee considered and approved the draft change in the budget of the city. According to the project, it is proposed to increase the revenues and expenses of the mountains of the budget, redistribute income between leading managers. The project also affected finance, which authorities spend on the purchase of equipment in their own buildings. For example, funds were allocated to the sensory light switches, which will replace obsolete devices. In addition, the Housing and Utilities Reform Promotion Fund separately provided 54.6 million rubles for the overhaul of residential buildings, and another 74.5 million for this target will be added from the local budget. As a result, the total amount sent for the repair of apartment buildings is 129.1 million. The project also provides for the allocation of finances for the restoration of the road surface: 100 million was allocated for this goal. It is planned to put in order those roads that were not listed in the list of road repairs for the current year. In addition to ten objects, five more will be added, the list has already been approved by officials. Additional money was allocated to improve the quality of education in the city. 149.6 million will be spent on the restoration of preschool organizations, 80 million on the acquisition of property for educational institutions. The project implies the allocation of 785 thousand to create residential areas for large families, 1.9 million for the repair and strengthening of the Kama embankment.