Small apartment, now there is no reason to refuse adoption.

At a press conference, the deputy said that according to statistics in Russia, about 29 thousand citizens would like to adopt a child and are in the queue of applicants. In some cases, the court does not give permission to complete the adoption procedure due to a number of reasons, one of which is funny to the banal – the lack of the right -winged size of the desired size due to law. Now this issue is under consideration by deputies and it is planned to either completely cancel this item, or to significantly soften the restriction. In the case of a positive outcome of the solution of this issue, the court will not have the right to refuse those who wish citizens to adopt the child due to the small area of ​​the apartment if the fact of the presence of unsanitary conditions is not proved.

Andrei Isaev for RIA Novosti cited statistics that in 2011, in total, 7.417 children were adopted by citizens of the Russian Federation (of which 189 were on disability), 957 children were adopted by American citizens, including 45 disabled people, Italians were 799 children, Spanish submitted – Spanish – Spanish 685 children and French – 284 children. In confirmation of the words of the chairman, the State Duma deputies at a meeting of the third (final) reading adopted the “Law of Dima Yakovlev”, which implies a response to the “Act of Magnitsky”, it contains a ban on the adoption of children from Russia submitted by the USA. Last Friday, 420 people’s deputies voted for “for”, 7 refused to support the document and 1 deputy abstained.

Now, on the basis of the law, a special working group is formed under the control of the State Duma to solve problems associated with the adoption of Russian orphans.