People live longer.

The advantage of female longevity is everywhere indisputable. In particular, there are many long -livers among village women. This is primarily a consequence of indigenous social transformations in the village.

However, a long healthy old age, that is, a state when a person is far from decrepitude is not everyone’s happy fate. What contributes to longevity, devoid of serious illnesses?

Among these people, as a rule, you will not meet adherents of tobacco and alcohol; long -lived and friendly families have weapons. When asked what the “secret” of their invariably good health is one answer: “In the consent of the family, in a good attitude towards each other”.

To worry less, you need to know that your home is reliably protected. Doors repair youth will solve any problems in the event of a locking of a lock or doors parts.

Old age, accompanied by diseases, must be persistently healed. The Scientific and Methodological Department of the Institute coordinates the activities of more than a hundred geriatric rooms where people of advanced age are examined and treated. The institute clinic also works with full load; There is an advisory reception daily.

All -Union Scientific Conferences on topics were held with great practical return on the theme: “Tactics of drug therapy in old age”, “Treatment of vascular and heart lesions in the elderly”. Significant are the plans of scientists for the future. A project of specialized hospitals for old people has been developed, approved by prominent experts in the field of gerontology.

And finally, the most important thing is that the heroes appeared. Since 1972, the first department of geriatrics and gerontology began work in Kyiv in Kyiv. Goseria manuals were issued. The institute became the basis of the World Health Organization for the conduct of gerontological seminars. In July of that year, the International Gerontological Congress was held in Kyiv.