Low -rise with big problems

“The universal rule, which today in the action in federal legislation, is the provision of land with the help of auctions. It automatically deprives most of the population of the right to build low -rise housing because most of the population is not able to buy land with the help of auction, ”said Vladimir Kritsky, not forgetting the regional law that provides residents in the Sverdlovsk region The right to receive free land. “In our opinion, this experience was not successful because they fulfilled the norm on the provision of land plots outside the area of ​​residence. A large number of categories were included in the scope of this law … This gives an impetus to the provision of land, but it does not stimulate activity in low -rise housing construction ”.

Also, in the city administration they are called to gradually move away from policy in subsidies and free provision. “We have no plans that apartments and houses, as well as in Soviet times, can be built and distributed. And everyone understands this. Also, we must clearly understand the actions of each of the participants in this process, ”said Alexander Vysokinsky, deputy head of the administration for economics, strategic planning and finances in Yekaterinburg.- If we are talking about government agencies, then we must understand that first of all, this is a road infrastructure, interchange, in any type of network. The system must be adjusted in such a way that it has the opportunity to self -bathe and work on the basis of a market economy. I am categorically against any market systems are supplied with money from the budget … at the moment when there is no budget, everything will stop. I would like to have less questions on this topic today – give it to it. “.