Polonsky said that he was ready to cooperate with the investigation, but he did not intend to return to the country

The businessman Sergei Polonsky received a message about readiness for cooperation with Russian investigating authorities. But the entrepreneur himself is not going to return to Russia, because he fears for his life. The businessman addressed this message to the judge of the Tver court of the capital Krivoruchko, who on Tuesday will take care of the petition from the investigation regarding the absentee arrest of Polonsky. The businessman’s report posted on his official Facebook page stated that he is not hiding and is ready to cooperate with Russian investigating authorities. He emphasized his interest in the development of this case and willingness to answer all questions. According to the entrepreneur himself, he considers himself victims, since he took away numerous assets. In a businessman’s statement, special attention is focused on fear for his life, which is the reason for the unwillingness to return to Russia. Polonsky said that he is in the clock in the access zone of any representative of the press, and “especially an employee of the investigative authorities”. In addition, he is ready to take on all the expenses associated with the investigation on the territory of the consulate of the Russian Federation in Israel. The entrepreneur emphasized that the absentee arrest, which the prosecutor intends to petition, will only lead to the fact that the case will become even more complicated. In addition, from Polonsky, the judge received a request to take into account the petition received by his defender to transfer the court session due to a business trip.