Half of the villages of the Farm Freezed from the water

At least 106 settlements located in three regions of the Far Eastern Federal District were freed from water. The possibility of another increase in the water level in the Amur is not excluded. Since the beginning of the aggravation of the flood factor, 213 cities and settlements in the Far Eastern Federal District have suffered. According to the Ministry of Regional Development, half of the flooded settlements were freed from the water. The consequence of the abnormal flood was strong precipitation, which fell throughout July. The Amur Region took the first blow, then EAO. Now in the above regions the water level is gradually declining. Natural disaster reached the Khabarovsk Territory. According to the latest information, 104 settlements remain flooded on the territory of the Far East, 62 of which in the Khabarovsk Territory. The Ministry of Emergencies specify that from the beginning of the exacerbation of the flood factor, 126 settlements in the Amur Region suffered, in the EAO – 25, in the Khabarovsk Territory – 62.Significant damage is caused by numerous residential buildings. The total number of flooded houses is 11100: in the Amur Region – 7400, in the Khabarovsk Territory – 2300, in the EAO – 1400. Among the injured residential buildings there are 660 apartment buildings, 550 of which in the Amur Region, 150 – in the Khabarovsk Territory. According to the Ministry of Emergencies, at present, 4900 residential buildings remain in the flood zone, 14,000 people are evacuated. The Ministry of Regional Defense reports that significant damage has been caused to 1200 social facilities, most of which are located in the Amur Region. 28 boiler houses and 86 facilities of housing and communal services were flooded