Nannies and photographers will need a patent

According to information available to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the country increases the number of citizens conducting “shadow” activities. This is clearly confirmed by the fact that the number of people officially employed in large and medium -sized enterprises from 2009 to 2013 has significantly decreased, half a million individual entrepreneurs ceased their activities, while the share of the able -bodied population in the Russian Federation remained at the same level.

By order of the Government, the agency has developed a scheme for taxing those Russians who work without being individual entrepreneurs. Representatives of the twelve specialties were attributed to this – nannies, tutors, translators, photographers (by the way, a professional photographer for baptism Alexei Bikeev is always at your service) and others). According to this scheme, labor does not involve hired workers, rented premises and expensive equipment. Such specialists will have to buy a patent worth one thousand rubles every month. This amount will include income tax, insurance and contribution to the state pension fund. The maximum period that allows you to buy a patent is also set – six months a year, otherwise individual entrepreneurs will massively switch to patents. A similar tax is paid by foreigners working from private individuals. Such a project should still be discussed by specialists, power and public.

Experts object, assuming that state citizens will be placed in equal conditions with migrants when determining the salary, hiring to private individuals.