Mexico fights obesity

In Mexico, 32% of the population suffers from obesity, in the USA – 31.8%. The ways of healing the nation are outlined. The “harmful” products will introduce an additional tax. The President promotes a healthy lifestyle.

In recent years, the obesity epidemic has spread to many countries, but the situation in Mexico acquires a catastrophic character: 32% of Mexicans have strong signs of obesity. According to this indicator, Mexico occupies the first position in the ratings and ahead of the USA by 0.2%.The Mexican government is beginning to the struggle for the health of the nation and currently the relevant ministries are developing the national recovery strategy, which will soon be made public. Mexico President Enrique Peni Nieto is aware of the importance of solving the problem of obesity. He repeatedly proved the importance of a healthy lifestyle with his own example. For example, the president of the country participated in a 10 km race to attract the attention of the Mexicans to the need to play sports. In the diet of Mexicans, a large share is made up with products prepared using corn flour. Corn cakes are the most common dish and are very high -calorie. The habit of drinking food with sweet carbonated drinks greatly exacerbates the problem of obesity. One of the last news was the message that the Mexican government plans to introduce an additional product tax that leads to obesity. It is expected to reduce the volume of consumption of “harmful” products due to an increase in their value. The obesity of the nation is closely related to the problem of increasing the number of Mexicans suffering from diabetes mellitus. Having abandoned the habit of eating sweet and high -calorie products, people will reduce the risk of this serious illness.