Ispmanager: a powerful tool for your web resources

Having your own website is a responsible matter, especially if it is an online store or similar resource. To operate effectively, proper administration is required, and for this, considerable experience is required. Beginners will be helped to understand by special software – a panel for websites.


Ispmanager is a panel that allows you to manage websites and virtual servers. In English this is called “hosting control panel”. The tool is turned on when the browser starts and looks like this: on the left there is a menu bar, a large field on the right is intended to demonstrate information and the control itself. You can connect several sites to Ispmanager at the same time, which will be useful for owners of medium and large businesses.

The software is written in C++. The basic version can be supplemented with SSL certificates that increase security, as well as paid modules. It must be said that Ispmanager itself increases security by protecting against spam and DDOS attacks.

The solution is useful for website and virtual hosting owners, administrators, and web project developers. It significantly simplifies the work: information is provided in a convenient form, processes can be managed directly from the panel, and the history of changes is recorded without fail. The interface is simple, so no training is required to work with Ispmanager. The cost of the software is quite affordable.

Currently Ispmanager 6 is in use. This software is compatible with the latest browser updates. Compared to the previous version, the interface has been improved and the functionality developed even further.

How to get

Ispmanager exists in several versions:

  • online demo, preconfigured, but with limited functionality;
  • trial version, full functionality, but access is given for 14 days;
  • lite, which allows you to connect up to 10 domains;
  • pro, which expands this number to 50 and supports Docker containerization;
  • host, which is not limited in the number of sites that can be added and also supports Docker;
  • business, intended for server owners.

The lite, pro, host and business versions are paid (payment is required monthly, but business can be paid immediately for a year), the demo and trial version are free. Everything except the demo requires installation on the server. To get the required version, you need to write to the developers by email or use the feedback form. The manager will contact you and discuss the selected package and form of payment. You can also install a trial version and then upgrade later.