Closed Government meetings are suspicious for the people.

Meetings of the Government of the RM may pass behind closed doors. The corresponding bill was discussed yesterday at a meeting of the parliamentary commission. Political analyst Viktor Gureu is sure that ministers are afraid that citizens will be able to independently draw up an opinion on the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers. In a commentary for the Alfa News information portal, he also stated that officials seek to hide financial fraud from the public.

“With a transparent discussion, citizens get the opportunity to independently draw conclusions about the activities of the government. We have repeatedly seen the level of preparedness of our ministers. When the meetings are closed from the press, the Cabinet will make strategic decisions, and no one will know about them. They will be able to discuss anti -state issues, such as signing agreements with Romania or installing migration posts on the Dniester, ”the expert believes.

In addition, Gureu noted that ministers will be able to engage in financial fraud behind closed doors. “Closed meetings will help hide the connections of our ministers with the mafia. They distribute funds for the sake of oligarchic groups and, of course, are not going to betray such public actions, ”the analyst concluded.