Colloquial speech in California: features

English is the main language of California residents. Spanish is a very common second language throughout the state.

California English is a dialect of English spoken in California. California is home to a very diverse population, and this is reflected in many other languages, especially Spanish. Since English is spoken in any state, not all California English features are used by all native speakers in the state, and not all features are restricted to use only by the state. However, there are some linguistic features that can be identified as originally or predominantly Californian.

Being the main cinema and entertainment television center of the country, Hollywood has influenced the English language all over the world, making English speakers of many dialects very visible and making new terms and new meanings known. The media and entertainment industry based in California is also popularizing the California English accent and dialect in the rest of the country and around the world.

The official language of California has been English since the adoption of Proposition 63 in 1986. However, many state, city, and local government agencies print official public documents in Spanish and other languages because Proposition 63 does not regulate how governments use other languages.

Study of indigenous agricultural workers 2007-2009 It showed 23 languages of Mexico and Mesoamerica spoken in California.

California was once home to 300 Native American languages spoken by indigenous people.