The problem of the continuity of the state

The idea of ​​continuity is pronounced here extremely clear. And further, continuing to emphasize the negative role of the modern state towards entrepreneurs, Onghokham writes that “in bureaucratic societies like Netherlands India, where everything was determined from above and where the state developed in isolation from society, without the roots in society, we observe a strong and prosperous state (refers to the device) and poor inactive society. In modern (Western) societies, the development of the state with its strong and rich institutions follows the growth of prosperity and wealth of society. Modern state is a product of modern entrepreneurial society. After the colonial state, the heir to the colonial and does not necessarily have the prosperity of society as the main goal. “.This criticism is echoing with its assessment made in 1984.: “The proclamation of Indonesia’s independence – the result of the national movement – broke off the connections of Holland and Indonesia. But whether this happened to the state form created by the Dutch?”.

Onghokham deliberately emphasizes the fate of the predecessor: “Netherlands India managed to build a state, but at the same time it was defeated-in the integration of society with the state, which put an end to its existence”. Here you can already see a warning to a modern state. If you are interested in diesel generators in Kazakhstan, then you turned to the address. The online catalog of goods and services Allbiz provides a wide selection of services. In addition, here a potential buyer can familiarize themselves with the technical characteristics and prices for units. Here you can also find diesel generators, gasoline generators, welding generators, electric generators, gas generators and signal generators.