Chinese porcelain vase was sold six hundred times more than an expert assessment

The Reuters news agency reports that at the Bonhams auction for 7.66 million American dollars, Chinese porcelain vasa Maypin was sold. It is noteworthy that its initial cost by experts was estimated at only ten to fifteen thousand American dollars. Buyers provided such an unexpected result being sure that the auction house made a mistake, believing that the vase was made in 1905, and in reality its age is much ancient.

Experts of the Bonhams House believe that the VAZ was made closer to the end of the era of the reign of the last imperial dynasty of China – Qing noted by the seal. Nevertheless, the auction participants believe that in reality the vase was made in the middle of the 18th century.

One of the representatives of the auction house “Bonhams” explained that the experts made such a cheap assessment “out of caution”. At the same time, in his opinion, the result of trading can be considered outstanding. In total, about nineteen million US dollars were brought by the auction of the auction, given that most of the buyers come from China.

It is worth noting that in recent years the demand for Chinese art has increased significantly, however, like the prices for it. So, only for the current year, several Chinese objects of art left the hammer, among which: the manuscript of the scientist and poet Tinjiang, who lived in the era of the reign of the Song Juan dynasty, which was sold for 63.8 million American dollars; Gutsin (a musical instrument common in ancient China) sold for twenty million American dollars and a vase of reign of Qianlun, the final cost of which was eighty -three million American dollars (absolute record among Chinese art).