Several pleasant auto -beams in the last months of this year

According to Avtostat, Russia took second place in Europe for the sale of cars. And this is when sales falling on the Russian car market, which has been observed for several months in a row. The first place remains with Germany, where in May it went to customers 261,316 cars. In Russia, this figure is a little more modest – 215,818 cars, and the third place in the UK – 180 111 units. But Great Britain is the only country in the three leaders, which has only been growing for the 15th month in a row: + 11%.

Fourth place went to France with a result of 148,554 units, followed by Italy with the number of cars sold – 136,129 pieces.

The second pleasant message: in Russia the number of accidents decreased with harm to the health of our citizens. In the five months of this year, accidents of accidents show positive changes. Reduced both the total number of accidents and the number of dead. From January to May, 62,984 traffic accidents with victims were recorded. Despite a similar figure, it still goes a minus by 5.2%than in 5 months of the past year. 7801 people died in the accidents, which is also a minus by 7.9% than during the same period of the past year, 80 330 people were wounded, and this is also 5.1 percent. This data was given by the public organization “Movement without danger” with reference to the traffic police information.

The number of traffic accidents, which ended in the death of children, also decreased much: among children’s children about 30%, and among the children who were in the car-by 17%.

From January to April, the number of accidents due to the fault of pedestrians decreased compared to last year, and only May showed the same numbers. And in just 5 months of 2018, 9093 accidents occurred due to the fault of pedestrians, but this is also 8.6% less than for a similar period in the time of 2017. 1425 people died in the roads on the roads, which shows minus 6.8% and 8061 people were injured.

And one more news that came from Canada. There they came up with a new method of combating those drivers who park where they want: they can block the sidewalk, block travel. Canadians created a special program for smartphones and called it Spotsquad. Now any citizen takes pictures of the car that is parked in the wrong place and sends a picture with the address of incorrect parking to the control service! A huge penalty is issued to the offender.