Oschadbank: Registration of Sberbank depositors of the USSR is carried out from September 1

On September 1, the registration of depositors of Sberbank of the USSR began, who have not entered their data to the register of depositors.

The registration of depositors will take place in three stages. To enter its data to the Oscadbank register, it recommends that the following actions take:

First stage of registration: get the time and date of visiting the Oschadbank branch.

In order to avoid the queues and for the convenience of servicing customers of Oschadbank, Sberbank depositors of the former USSR who did not receive compensation payments and did not enter their data to the register of depositors must visit the Oschadbank department to register their data to the date and time established by this depositor and time.

To get the date and time of registration, the depositor can: call the hotline of Oschadbank; Register through the form on the website of Oschadbank.

Second stage: registration of data on the depositor.

To register his data, the depositor will need to come at the time established by him to the Oschadbank branch.

With you, according to the information published on the official website of Oschadbank, you should have the following documents:

– a passport or a document that replaces it, or a passport of a citizen of Ukraine and copies of the relevant pages of the passport is foreign;

– a certificate of assignment of an indiction number and a copy of it;

– Sberbank on compensation accounts, in the absence of those – a savings bank on the deposits of Sberbank of the former USSR.

The third stage: receipt of the national card in the Oschadbank branch, on which, if the cabinet of ministers was adopted, compensation funds will be accrued.

The government intends to pay off all the debts of the state to the depositors of Sberbank of the former USSR. In this regard, the Oschadbank of Ukraine recommends that all depositors go through the registration procedure.