MFK “Nikolaev” – PFK “Alexandria” – 1: 0

The reporting meeting in the confrontations of rivals in the championships of Ukraine in Nikolaev became the anniversary (tenth). Prior to this match, the Aleksandrisi assets were 3 draws and 6 defeats. Without changing traditions, the match of the fourth round of the twenty -second championship ended and the match of the fourth round. Although in the first half nothing portended wards and. Kuptsov of serious threats and surprises. About ten minutes of the rivals were quite careful. For a long time played the ball, slowly aggravating the game. The first to activate the guests. BUT. Kicha from the left flank inflicted a dangerous blow on the goal of the hosts. O. Chuvaev transferred the ball to the corner. Left Hav Alexandriysev had the opportunity to excel twice more, but he lacked accuracy in the final phase of attacks.

Half an hour has passed since the beginning of the match and the teams seemed to wake up. The game went in oncoming courses. Speeds have increased and already. Semenin was made by slalom almost from the center of the field to the gate p. Zarubina. On his way he got a stock of legs of guests defenders. Not hesitated with an answer with. An old one who wore a goalkeeper Nikolaevtsev from a sharp corner. A few minutes later, they had to play the maximum with a duet with. Old with s. Shevchenko, but they did not have enough play. In the 38th minute, his skill has already demonstrated about. Chuvaev, who in a remarkable saves eliminated a powerful blow and. Zaporozhana from the standard. Immediately in the counterattack could distinguish the owners. Players of attacks played and once again lost a good opportunity.

The second half was more spectacular. In the unprecedented heat, the possibility of losing concentration was very great. Therefore, the rivals began to look for non-standard actions and the owners still found them. BUT. Lishchuk took advantage of persistence a. Kovalev, who twice at point blank. Zarubina, and after the next ricochet sent the ball to the empty gate. This account has not changed to the final whistle.