Charter-Easy: reliable partner for yacht travel

Exquisite relaxation, fresh sea breeze, and confidence in reliability – this is all about yachting adventures with Charter-Easy. Charter-Easy provides a simple and convenient way to find reliable yacht charters. With a wide selection of proven yachts and carefully selected providers, you can be sure that every moment of your trip on the water will be organized with maximum comfort. You can order yacht rental services on, where there is a large selection of options. The company offers yachts of any kind for any type of water adventure.

Personally verified providers

One of the main advantages of Charter-Easy is the personal verification of all charter providers. A team of experts ensures that each supplier meets high quality and safety standards. This ensures peace of mind and confidence during a seaside holiday. In the company’s park you can find and rent:

  • small yachts;
  • cozy, sailing yachts;
  • large, capacious vessels, etc.

Regardless of the client’s personal preferences and budget, the ideal yacht for adventure at sea can always be found here.

Easy booking process

Charter-Easy makes the booking process as simple and efficient as possible. The convenient and intuitive interface of the site allows even the most inexperienced Internet user to easily select a yacht, check availability and book your place on this exciting sea adventure. From start to finish, the booking process is a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Charter-Easy is a reliable, proven yacht charter platform, a reliable guide to the world of yachting adventures, where every detail is carefully thought out and every provider is personally vetted.

Additional services

After selecting the ideal yacht for your next sailing adventure, the important step is coordinating special requests. They offer a variety of additional services and opportunities for special requests so that the chosen charter fully meets the client’s expectations. The company offers additional services such as:

  • personal chef;
  • additional water toys;
  • individual route planning;
  • organization of special events, etc.

Here we are ready to do everything to make your charter truly unforgettable. A team of Charter-Easy specialists will become your guide in the world of luxury and comfort on the water.