Candidates for the country’s personnel reserve will now become candidates for the Youth Government

The head of the State Service of the Main Directorate Vladimir Artemenko at a press conference said that the candidates who are held members of the Crimean youth government are automatically become applicants for participation in the creation of the Presidential Personnel Reserve.“We will definitely consider their candidates as part of the competition, but you should not have hopes, because they still know too little,” said Vladimir Artemenko. And in truth, at this age, the number of professional knowledge still leaves much to be desired, the veracity of this criterion was confirmed by the first qualifying tour that took place in the form of a discussion. “During the discussion in the hall there were practically no experts who would give impetus for the best disclosure of knowledge,” said. Artemenko. The competition aimed at the formation of the Presidential Personnel Reserve “New Elite of the Nation” began throughout Ukraine. The essence of the competition is that there is a search for talented and unique personalities, followed by involving them to work in the public sector. The total reserve is five hundred people, however, all 500 people will not be selected immediately, but gradually, 100 people each. annually for 5 years. The very idea of ​​the appearance of the youth government in Crimea appeared in December last year, the initiator was the chairman of the Council of Ministers of the ARC. The essence of the project is the emergence of a young political elite, as well as the involvement of young and purposeful performers to work. The youth government accepted people from 18 to 35 years old. The youth body will carry advisory functions. To date, 44 candidates have already been selected.