“When changing administrative borders, you should be extremely careful …”

Vladimir Kolosov, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor:

What are the reasons for us in favor of a multiple increase in our capital?

Firstly, we are told that the Moscow Ring Road is a “good” for Moscow. But Moscow naturally expands the boundaries through housing construction, retail development, which develops its economy. And do not look back in Soviet times, when any problem was solved in the center. But in modern conditions, it is difficult to manage a huge organism from the center, which are the capitals of the world and Russia in particular.

Secondly, the problem of the capital’s traffic jams. Allegedly, to solve this problem, it is necessary to form financial, government and other centers for the Moscow Ring Road, so to speak, use the principle of polycentrism. This principle is the basis of pan -European and urban planning in the EU countries. The idea of ​​polycentrism was used in the General Plan of G. Moscow in 1971 to unload the garden ring. The formation of many centers with important business functions near strategic objects, large highways would allow unloading the center of the capital and more evenly distribute jobs throughout the metropolis.

To implement the idea of ​​polycentrism, it is necessary to unite three or more equivalent in the population and economics of the city with developed or violently developing connections, with one task in the field of development.

Moscow has historically has a radical-concentric device, and to implement the idea of ​​polycentrism, it is necessary to create at least one city to match the “old” capital.