Software performance testing and risk detection

Do you want to test the performance of your software and detect all possible risks? Then you should contact CQR for help. You are offered ddos simulation and other services that allow you to eliminate unforeseen situations. This is your opportunity to respond to various errors in a timely manner.

Main features of performance testing

In fact, performance testing is really relevant nowadays. Testing will indicate whether a particular system is stable. You will also see how the application behaves under increased external load. In order for the client to see the full picture, the organization’s specialists will change both the nature of the impact and its intensity. This is why load testing service is relevant in the modern world.

Each customer will look at their technologies the way a potential enemy sees them. Thanks to this, you can maximize protection and eliminate various unpleasant surprises. Testing will reveal weaknesses so you know what you need to work on.

Your core system will undergo a deep review. The main network resources will be analyzed. Cybercriminals will not be able to exploit your vulnerability, since all errors are fixed instantly.

What is load testing?

This is an assessment of how an application will perform under a specific load. Testing includes modeling transactions or a certain number of users. The system’s response time and throughput are assessed.

Testers create conditions as well as basic scenarios to test performance level weaknesses and risks. By detecting problems early, you can prevent the negative consequences of attacks on services, so you can avoid many unpleasant situations.

Among the main tasks of such testing are:

  1. The functioning of the software is checked. The service will be subject to different loads that gradually change. Experts carefully monitor his reaction and identify weaknesses.
  2. Durability. Load testing will show how the performance of the application changes if you use it without interruptions.
  3. Objects of influence. The operation of the software is tested with different numbers of users. Its behavior is also checked when a large number of people go through the registration process simultaneously.

Such tests should not be ignored, as they provide effective results. You will correct errors in a timely manner and protect your software from malicious attacks!